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Hire PHP Developer

Our organization has very best PHP Developers. We are very experts in PHP Mobile App Modifications, PHP Server Programming, PHP Software Development, and PHP Web Configuration. We use Docker, FuelPHP, Laravel, CakePHP, Symfony, Yii etc programs.

PHP CMS Services Deployment

At Persistent Infotech, we help in integrating distinct PHP CMS such as WordPress, Drupal as properly as Joomla. We assist in the amendment of PHP CMS device alongside with report management, person analysis, real-time facts tracking, and multi-site management.

PHP Database Modification

Experts at Persistent Infotech assist in database connectivity and integrations for PHP Data Objects as nicely as Open Database Connectivity. We additionally assist Configure Web Distributed Data for supporting in actual time reporting. Implementation changes the use of PHP database extensions like IBM DM2, MongoDB, PostgreSQL or SQLite.

PHP Mobile App Modification

Persistent Infotech helps in editing the cellular improvement frameworks for seamless app deployment to cloud servers for the website. The cross-platform as nicely as native PHP cell apps by means of PI specialists are scalable for API configurations of cameras, geo location, as properly as social media.

PHP Server Programming

Persistent Infotech is specialised in configuring of servers that are programmed with the use PHP language to guide third-party services. Our skilled engineers at Persistent Infotech are specialised in editing Common Gateway Interface (CGI) functions with PHP code.

PHP Software Development

We at Persistent Infotech program make use of the LAMP (Linux OS, Apache HTTP Server, and MySQL relational database management system) stack to write PHP code for operating systems such as MacOS and Windows, DBMS's like PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access and Oracle as well as server deployments of IIS, NGINX and Google Web Servers.

PHP Web Configuration

We help in custom-tailored PHP internet changes for big websites, internet apps, internet portals, API's and CMS for deployment of enterprise-grade internet applications. Our PHP programming offerings encompass command-line scripting for embedded software program and client-side scripting for GUIs, migration and porting to PHP 7.

Areas Of Expertise: PHP Environments & Libraries

Cake Php

We grant Built-in code turbines as nicely as different points of Cake PHP that helps builds prototypes for end-to-end software program development.


We aid in configuration of coding by way of the usage of Docker containers whilst the whole software program improvement process.

Fuel Php

PI additionally assists in creating interconnected net apps by way of making use of the FuelPHP open supply framework. FuelPHP frameworks is used for MVC as nicely as HMVC architectures.


We use Laravel's framework to advance surroundings and construct large, scalable net apps.


We assist in changing and scaling the secured apps by using of the Phalcon's PHP web server extensions. Phalcon also helps in auto-loading.

Php Unit

PHPUnit checking out framework of PHP scripting ensures QA groups and builders of easy code. We use PHPUnit changes to make sure software program changes unit testing.


PI programmers develop complex and enterprise-level web apps by using Symfony PHP framework.


The Yii programming used by PI to configure apps that are written in PHP.

Zand Framework

The Zend PHP framework provides modular development of complex, large web applications. The open middleware architecture has Homestead/Intuit Integration capabilities..

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